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Pujaan Hati Kanda Episode 18 Live Drama

Pujaan Hati Kanda Ep 18 Heartbreak is a drama adaptation of the 2018 novel with the same title as the Aulia Iman published by Karyaseni. The drama began airing on Akasia TV3 Slots from December 20, 2018 replacing the drama Seribu Rindu .

The 28 episodes are starring in popular actors: Remy Ishak , Mira Filzah , Sarah Hildebrand , Azar Azmi and Syazwan Zulkifly.

Pujaan Hati Kanda Episod 18

Disclose to Megat Danish/Danny ( Remy Ishak ), a playboy who has been sharp and needs to construct another life.

Be that as it may, amid his big day, he got a ‘blessing’ – an infant put in a mosque with a welcome card and a birth endorsement. His significant other’s applicant, Nadine ( Sarah Hildebrand ) declined to proceed with their marriage as the riddle of the infant’s essence did not slip. The wedding was dropped and Danny must be in charge of the infant. Danny needed to search for an overseer who was caring for Rizqi while he was exploring who Rizqi’s mom was and that Rizqi was his natural child.

In trouble, Danny met with Tiara ( Mira Filzah ), a fiscally refined college understudy. Danny kept reality about the character of the child. Tiara just knew Danny was a single man of his better half’s passing.

Startlingly, love started to pitch among Danny and Tiara. In the meantime, Danny was all the while endeavoring to find a puzzling young lady for a fact in any capacity even to disassemble the riddle that ties her life.

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